SSA Sport Star Academy Terms and Conditions

SSA Sport Star Academy Terms and Conditions


  • I give permission for my child to attend and participate in all activities within the Sport Star Academy sport program selected.
  • By enrolling with Sport Star Academy for the term you have agreed to join our academy program and for us to store your payment details if you have selected to do so. You will automatically be charged for the next coming term at the end of each current term. You will be notified of this in advance and have the option to remove your child from the program. If you decide you do not wish to continue with your class you must contact Sport Star Academy by phone to cancel your booking on 1300 372 300 or email or your local area manager. Failure to do so within the specified time frame will result in your credit card to be charged.
  • You agree to be automatically charged every 12 months for the Annual Registration Fee. You will receive an email notifying you of the upcoming annual registration fee if you are still enrolled in a Sport Star Academy program. Should you wish to cancel your booking you will need to contact the Sport Star Academy head office by phone or your local area manager.
  • Trial Bookings MUST contact head office immediately on 1300 372 300 or if you have joined completion of your last trial session should you NOT wish to CONTINUE with our programAll trialist who DO NOT contact head office will be automatically enrolled into the FULL TERM (costs will be pro-rata).
  • All care and caution is taken at all times but as of mishap, Sport Star Academy cannot accept liability for any injury that may occur whilst participating in one of our coaching/education programs
  • Parents/Guardians and children participate at their own risk and shall indemnify Sport Star Academy and its staff against all actions, suits, proceedings, demands, costs and expenses which may be taken or made against Sport Star Academy which may arise from injury, illness or mishap.
  • Sport Star Academy cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal belongings while attending one of our coaching/education programs.
  • Any medical conditions that a participant may have must be fully disclosed to Sport Star Academy in the registration details you have completed when enrolling via our booking portal
  • Sport Star Academy operates a no-refund policy for a change or mind or missed classes, unless under extreme medical conditions. If for any reason you are not able to attend a session then a make-up class can be made, if there are positions available in another class (we cannot guarantee a class due to availability). You may also transfer to another sport if there are positions available in that class. Arrangements must be made with Sport Star Academy prior to attending another class.
  • Sport Star Academy management may occasionally take photos or video footage for promotional purposes, including marketing collateral and social media posts. Please advise management if you would not like your child’s image used in promotional purposes

Code of Conduct

  • By taking part in the Sport Star Academy program you acknowledge and agree to this code of conduct, comprising the following rules and conditions, which provide for a safe, professional, fun learning environment which is designed to allow your child to benefit from participation and to provide them with the greatest opportunity to reach their full player potential.
  • We adhere to the Child Safe Standards through its policy, code of conduct, procedures and reporting of incidences and Health and Safety standards.
  • Your child must wear suitable clothing and footwear. Children participating in the program must wear the assigned Sport Star Academy uniform (not required on trial sessions) and no jewellery.
  • All parents/guardians and children must stop any activity and listen carefully when the instructor is giving instructions. All parents/guardians will respect and co-operate with all instructor’s decisions. Sport Star Academy staff reserves the right to ask you to leave the premises should you fail to comply with any instruction given by our staff.
  • All participants will respect and not wilfully or neglectfully damage the equipment used by Sport Star Academy. For safety reasons, parents/guardians and children must keep away from any equipment that is not being used for the particular activity in progress.
  • Video and photographs may be taken by families registered in our programs and are for personal use only. Please be mindful of uploading photos of child which includes other people’s children to social media. Sport Star Academy may use this video footage or photographs for advertising on their web page and for other business activities at any time.
  • No food or drinks are to be taken onto the learning surface. Parents/guardians are to have fluids (preferably water) readily available to give to their children should they require it.
  • Sport Star Academy is free to use and repurpose any testimonial made by its participants, parents or guardians.
  • Sport Star Academy reserves the right to refuse admission to any person for any session for any reason. If requested by Sport Star Academy staff for whatever reason, parents/guardians and any children in their care must leave the session immediately. Additionally, Sport Star Academy reserves the right to cancel/deny a registration to any person for any reason.
  • All parents/guardians and children will respect others in the class regardless of gender, culture, religion or ability. Parents/guardians and children in their care are enrolled at their own risk and you as the parent/guardian agree to indemnify Sport Star Academy and its staff from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, injury and/or damages which may arise from you or your child’s participation in any Sport Star Academy sessions.
  • You give permission for your child to receive medical/ambulance attention in case of emergency and agree to pay any associated costs.
  • Your child’s place is not secured until fees are paid in full.
  • Sport Star Academy reserves the right to cancel a session if it is deemed unsafe to continue and at any time.
  • Always assume Sport Star Academy clinics and programs are always on no matter the weather with the exception of the following: Temperatures exceeding 35 degrees, thunder and lighting, heavy rain that leaves too much surface water to train.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

The COVID pandemic has forced us to revisit the way we plan for programs and sessions to ensure the safety of our players, coaches and community. Please note the following is a general outline as this is subject to local state and territory government guidelines and restrictions.

  • If your child is not feeling well, they must stay home
  • All sessions will have hand sanitizer on site
  • Coaches will ensure all equipment has been wiped down with antibacterial wipes before and after session
  • Parents are asked to drop off their child and wait in the car for their child until their session is over
  • Training includes a combination of contact and non-contact training
  • If parents are watching, we kindly ask parents to practise social distancing

In completing your registration details and enrolling in one of our programs, you acknowledge these terms and conditions and Code of Conduct.



  1. It is the captain's responsibility to ensure all his/her players know and understand the rules and conditions of this centre.
  2. It is the captain's responsibility to make sure all fees are paid in full.
  3. Any queries/complaints must be in writing to the management by the team captain within 48 hours of the game. DO NOT APPROACH STAFF AT THE DESK.
  4. The captain is responsible for his/ her team mates and spectator’s actions and behaviours.
  5. The captain must make sure his/ her team has matching shirts with proper numbers (no drawn on or sticky tapped numbers) by the third league game. 1 goal per player out of uniform will be awarded to the opposing team. Goalkeepers must have a different colour shirt with a number or a bib can be supplied if you have a matching team shirt with a number.
  6. Numbers and players must correspond with the team sheet.
  7. Management/ referee has the right not to start/ continue the game if player/s are playing under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. The player will be asked to exit the court and the game will commence at the management/ referee’s discretion.


  1. Playing period consists of 2 x 20 minute halves for seniors and 2 x 20 minute halves for juniors with a minute half time break.
  2. Time starts when the referee blows his/ her whistle when entering the court (not from kick off).
  3. Each team can have a maximum of 3 substitutes on Matchdays
  4. A walk over gives the opposing team a 3-0 win. Less than 3 players or less is also considered a walk over.
  5. If a referee is required and a game is played a match fee must be paid.
  6. Teams may be replaced if they have given two walkovers.
  7. Teams must supply their own ball for warm up prior to their game.


  1. The captain must make sure all fees are paid in full.
  2. Registrations must be fully paid by 3rd league game or points will not be awarded.
  3. Only the players registered can play on the night.
  4. Players can only be registered with one team a night (except playing in one mixed and one men's team). A walkover will be given if a registered player plays for another team on the same night.
  5. Players may be registered at any time through-out the season. To be eligible for finals each player registered must have played 5 league games.
  6. The centre will have the final say on any player/s registering late as leagues are graded divisions.

INSURANCE IS NOT INCLUDED IN REGISTRATIONS: Teams shall ensure adequate insurance cover for all players. The centre will not accept liability.


  1. Teams must have matching shirts
  2. Goalkeepers must have a different coloured shirt with a number or if wearing a matching team shirt with number a bib can be worn.
  3. Shin pads are recommended, not compulsory.
  4. Correct sporting attire must be worn at all times; e.g. Shirt, Shorts or Track Pants and no boots, if not you will not be able to enter the court.


 To tackle from behind is illegal. However, you may clearly play the ball from the side or back so long as no contact is made during the challenge.

  1. The foul system means that after the 5th foul, in each half, has been made all free kicks can be a no wall situation. All players must be 3 metres either side of the ball and players cannot join in until the ball hits the wall, keeper or another player outside the 3-metre zone.
  2. Players cannot play the ball whilst on the ground, or go to the ground to gain possession of the ball or shoot.
  3. Players cannot jump on or into another player, obstruct a player from gaining possession of the ball, hold a player back, charge into the wall or charge a player into the wall. All may result in a yellow card.
  4. No slide tackles.
  5. A penalty will be given for any foul committed by a defending player in his keeper’s circle. In the attacking half, any deliberate foul is also a penalty. E.g. last man, these are also card offences.


  1. All free kicks are direct.
  2. Players must wait for the whistle to restart the game.
  3. Free kicks must be taken within 5 seconds of the whistle, if taken prior to the whistle the free kick will be reversed.
  4. If the goalkeeper steps outside of the area it is a free kick on the edge of the area where the offence occurred.
  5. A free kick will be given against a player putting their hands on the wall, running into the wall, or charging a player deliberately into the wall. These can also result in a yellow or red card.
  6. Intentional fouls are automatically a yellow or red card offence.
  7. Deliberate time wasting in the corner is a free kick to the opposition.


  1. The keeper has 5 seconds of controlled possession to release the ball with hands or feet. If longer the opposition will receive a corner throw.
  2. Keeper may not throw or kick the ball over the half way line on the full, of a goal kick or after the ball has touched their hands.
  3. The keeper cannot leave the designated area: advantage can, and will be played at the referee's discretion.
  4. If the ball is outside the area it may be played by the keeper with their hands/ feet if neither touches the ground outside at any time.
  5. If the keeper catches the ball it must be released only by their hands.
  6. If the keeper deliberately leaves the area it is a yellow card offence and a foul is recorded.


  1. Teams cannot receive the ball directly in their attacking area on a throw in; this will result in a free kick.
  2. Teams cannot score a direct goal from a throw in; this will result in a throw in to the opposition.
  3. Throw ins must be taken within 5 seconds of the referee blowing the whistle, if taken prior to the whistle the throw in will be reversed.
  4. To throw the ball in both feet must be on the ground (do not jump), hands behind head, throw through arms (do not bend them) without dropping the ball


The team is fined $20 when a player is sent off and player will not be able to play again until the fine has been paid in full no points will be given until fine is paid after the suspended period.


  1. Players may enter the goal area to attack or defend: the ball is playable in the area.
  2. Players can score in the area only if the ball strikes an opposing player with the exception of the keeper.
  3. If the ball is in the area, standing foot must be outside the area and on the ground to score a direct goal, this includes headers. If a player jumps they must land outside the area, otherwise a goal will not be given.
  4. All referee’s decisions are final. A player cannot argue/question the decision as it will not change the decision. Arguing/ questioning a decision is a card offence.
  5. Time starts when the referee blows his/her whistle upon entering the court. Not from kick off.
  6. To play senior leagues players must be 16 years or over.


  1. Substitutions may be made when the ball is out of play or on a stoppage, the referee must acknowledge all substitutions made.
  2. Substations are roll on/ roll off


  1. Yellow card is a warning; red card is a send-off. 2 yellow cards equal a red card.
  2. Red card is an automatic week's suspension, harassing a referee is automatically a 2 weeks suspension. Fighting is a minimum of 2 weeks suspension at management's discretion. Management has final say on all suspensions.
  3. If a player gets sent off and the team gives a walkover or has a bye the next week the player must still serve their suspension as they are not classed as a suspended game.
  4. Any player using bad or offensive language or behaving in a manner that may be discrediting the centre may be sent off and asked to leave the premises.
  5. Any player/s disputing the referee's decision by word or action will be booked. This applies both on and off the field.
  6. Any player pushing another player into the wall or running into the wall can be given as a card offence for dangerous play.
  7. Any player deliberately endangering another player may receive a straight red.
  8. Players cannot: jump onto or into a player, obstruct a player, hold back a player, charge a player into the wall or deliberately run into a wall. All are fouls and may result in a card.
  9. Each extra send-off sentence will double. If a player gets sent off 3 times in a year the player shall receive a 1 year's suspension.
  10. Any use of derogatory language based on gender, race or impairment are classed as card offences.
  11. Any player sent off or suspended at the centre cannot play on any night until suspension is completed and all fines are paid. If suspended an all clear from management must be given prior to the player playing again or a 5-0 loss will apply.
  12. If a player receives a red card he/she can be replaced by another team member. The player sent off rule 2 of card offences will apply.
  13. Abuse/harassment of any staff member will affect your time at the centre. This includes all players and spectators of which the captain is responsible.


  1. Teams must have 2 girl outfield at all times; this does not include the goal keeper.


The Terms and Conditions set out below govern all use, bookings, events and access to Goals FC facilities, and must be adhered to by all customers and participants. All transaction will be in Australian Dollars (AUD). Goals FC respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information.

These Terms and Conditions together with any other specific documents issued to you on registering with Goals FC, set out the full terms to which you must adhere.

"Individual Registration":

  • Each "Individual Registration" allows the player who has purchased to play for that team during the season.
  • "Individual Registration" includes only the specified number of scheduled match day sessions of 40 minutes for the team.
  • Sessions missed due to non attendance are non refundable.
  • Seasons will run for consecutive weeks excluding any Christmas shutdown period, public holidays that Goals FC close on or any other enforced closure to Goals FC.
  • Any business closures during the season will result on the matches being rescheduled from the next opening week on the same day and played out until the end of the season, unless anger the 6 weeks (see enforced closures).
  • "Individual Registration" can be purchased to a from any point, with pro-rated payments for the season
  • No refunds for any amount will be given for missed sessions if the player fails to abide by our Player / Team Conduct Policy (see below) which results in suspensions or permanent bans.
  • A minimum number of Individual Registrations must be purchased in order for a team to enter into the competitions. 5-a-side is 6 players, 6-a-side is 7 players and 7-a-side is 8 players

  Weather Policy:

  • Goals FC is an all-weather facility and all use, events, bookings and events will take place in ‘all weather’ including during rain.
  • Sessions may be cancelled at the discretion of Goals FC in the case of extreme weather (for example lightning) or other events (matters affecting air quality).
  • Goals FC facility (Moorabbin ) have showers and changing rooms which are maintained daily and are available for use by all players / participants.
  • Participants with Medical Conditions:
  • Goals FC staff do not supply and/or administer any form of medication to any person attending Goals FC.
  • If a person has any form of medical condition that is deemed serious or potentially life threatening by a doctor, then Goals FC must be provided with a signed "approval to participate letter" from a doctor, before that person can participate in any event organised by Goals FC.
  • The "approval to participate letter" must clearly identify the medical condition and include a "treatment plan" so Goals FC can provide the letter to Ambulance or any other emergency medical treatment provider if required.
  • Goals FC does not take responsibility for the implementation of any specific individuals "medical condition treatment plan".
  • Goals FC does not take responsibility for any form of medical treatment other than emergency first aid while awaiting Ambulance or other medical professional service to the individual.
  • If Goals FC staff deem it necessary to call an Ambulance for any individual at Goals FC, then they will do that and any costs associated with the Ambulance or associated medical treatment is the sole responsibility of the injured individual.
  • If Goals FC staff believe that a child attending an event organised by Goals FC is unwell then the parent / guardian will be advised as soon as practically possible, and requested to collect the child.

Competitions & Tournaments:

All players participating in Goals FC competitions and/or tournaments, as well as all spectators, must agree and abide by the Goals FC League Participation Rules.

Security and Safety:

  • Anyone identified as being abusive and/or violent on the premises of Goals FC may be banned from entry into Goals FC.
  • Any illegal acts may be referred directly to the Police by Goals FC.
  • Kicking, throwing, playing with any ball is not permitted in any area of the Goals FC other than on Pitches.
  • No climbing of fences is permitted at Goals FC.


  • Players cannot use Boots with Steel Studs or "Blades".

Food, Alcohol and Smoking:

  • Smoking is not permitted on the premises of Goals FC.
  • Alcohol must not be brought into Goals FC.
  • Alcohol may be purchased from the café bar and consumed within the licensed area.
  • No outside food or drinks is to be brought into the Café.
  • Glassware and Glass Bottles are not permitted outside the licensed area of Goals FC.
  • Chewing Gum and/or Bubble Gum are not permitted anywhere within the premises of Goals FC.

Liability & Insurance:

All participants understand that they participate, attend and use the venue at their own risk. Goals FC and its owners, employees or agents shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever arising from any personal injury or property loss sustained by participation or attendance at the venue, Participants and parents assume full responsibility for all injuries and damages which occur in or about any programs on the premises or occur using the venue. Participants and visitors at the venue hereby fully and forever release discharged hold harmless, all associated facilities and its owner, employees, and agents from any and all claims, demands, damages or rights of action, present or future resulting from any person’s participation in any programs or use of the facility. In addition, he/she agree(s) to follow the rules of conduct and play set by Goals FC.

  • Goals FC conducts business with Policies of Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance in place.
  • All persons entering the premises of Goals FC accept responsibility for any injury or illness arising out of or in connection with their participation in activities at the premises.
  • Players playing on Goals FC pitches play at their ‘own risk’. Goals FC does not offer any injury cover nor does Goals FC have any responsibility for the injury.
  • All persons entering the premises of Goals FC release and discharge Goals FC, its employees and agents from any claim, suit, demand, expense or cost in respect of any injury or illness arising out of or in connection with their participation in activities at the premises.

Summer Adult League Registration:

  • All Leagues season will run for 12 rounds including Finals (usually over 12 consecutive weeks (Christmas shutdowns apply, some public holidays and extreme weather postponements could affect the consecutive weeks)
  • All players must for the chosen league.
  • Depending on the amount of teams in a league, teams may not play equal times over a course of a season. It is a 12 round season regardless of number of times you play each team.
  • Finals rounds are included in the 12 rounds
    • Finals format may vary from league to league and are scheduled at the beginning of the league. Finals format may vary during the season at Goals FC discretion
    • Every team will have 12x 40-minute matches regardless
  • Every team will have 12 rounds scheduled and the format of those rounds may vary from league to league.

Summer Junior Leagues:

Junior Leagues operate under the League Participation Rules and under the same principles of Adult League Registration.

  • Junior League Players must be registered by a parent/guardian and the parent/guardian must accept the terms and conditions on behalf of the Junior Player. Every player under 16 must have parent approval.
  • Kick Off times, Match days, Match Times, Player fees and rules may vary.

Free Agent Rules:

As a social venue, we also allow teams to bring one off players in to assist if other registered players are unavailable. These players we call “free agents”. Free agents can play for a team under the following rules:

  • The free agent pays $15.00 fee for the match
  • A free agent who has played in your team on 4 occasion or more is eligible to play in finals as long as the free agent has made payment for the match.
  • Free agents who play in leagues at lower grades or types of leagues as free agents must respect the spirit of that league. If a free agent is asked not to participate by management as management deem the free agent to be a level that is not in the spirit of the specific league then the free agent must accept the decision
  • All players for each team must either have purchased a '"Individual Registration"" or be a current holder of a 'Player playership" to participate in the team. "Individual 
  • Please note, during the Christmas Holidays, there is a 2-week period where there will be no fixtures scheduled. Goals FC are open on Public Holiday, unless indicated by Goals FC management.
  • Any matches that are postponed due too extreme weather or an enforced closure of our Goals FC pitches will be rescheduled.

Kick Off Times:

  • Kick off times for the entire league will be scheduled prior to the first match.
  • Please check this schedule each week for your game times. Times can only be changed by Goals FC under extreme circumstances (forfeit of another team etc.).
  • You may request preferential Kick off Times prior on registering to play in the league.
  • If you need preferential times please be aware that time requests are not guaranteed, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • No refunds will be given if you do not have all your preferential kick off time as time requests are not guaranteed and we are doing our best to accommodate.

Finals Rules:

  • All full time Registered players to a team are eligible for finals
  • All Players that are not registered into the team as full time players must have played a minimum of 4 times for a team to be eligible to play as a free agent in the finals.
  • Free agents may be refused entry to Finals by Goals FC if Goals FC deems their participation as not in the spirit of the league.
  • Please read full Finals Rules section in our League Participation Rules.

Player/Team Conduct:

  • All players agree to comply with the League Participation Rules.
  • All players are responsible for their conduct and the contact of their fellow team mates.
  • Referee’s are not to be abused at any point
  • Unacceptable Conduct includes the use of foul language, fighting, threatening behaviour, playing inebriated, entering the pitch when not involved in the game and being abusive to staff players.
  • Any fighting can lead to prosecution.
  • All fans must not abuse other players and staff
  • All teams should be ready to start 10 mins prior to KO to ensure matches run on time.
  • If you are running late please call us and let us know.
  • If your opponent does not show up, you will be have use of the pitch for the duration of the match, no refunds will be due in this event.
  • If your opponent gives notice and Goals FC contacts you, you will be able to use the pitch as allocated to your match or take up the offer of a match against any other teams that Goals FC offer. Please note the time of that match may change, no refunds will be due in this event.
  • If a player is banned for any reason and time frame from Goals FC management, they will not be due a refund for games missed as a result of a suspension. Any players will not be due any refunds on their playership fees during the suspension.
  • Goals FC will make a ruling on any incidents and suspension may be necessary, this is entirely at Goals FC discretion.
  • Any player who is permanently banned from the facility or banned for a long period of time will not be due any refunds from their "Individual Registration" and any players will be due to complete their playership payments until the end of their playership term.

Goals FC reserves the right to alter the rules and punish accordingly if teams or individual players are attempting to gain unfair advantage by using an interpretation of rules set by Goals FC

Enforced Business Closure Policy

In the event, our business is forced to close for a period less than 6 weeks, all competitions will be paused and played until conclusion when the business can reopen, no refunds will be given as the season will restart.

In the event, we are forced to close for a period more than 6 weeks, any competitions with less than 4 rounds to play will be classed as complete, no refunds will be given.

Cancellation Policy – Leagues: 

Goals FC are committed to making sure each team gets their match as scheduled. We have made the decision to remove our previous cancellation policy.

Goals FC reserves the right to put a new cancellation policy in place for your team if you become unreliable by continually cancelling your matches, do not show up for your matches or provide notice of non attendance. You accept that Goals FC can impose this policy on your team if you do not show up for matches or are continually cancelling your games in advance.

By enrolling at Goals FC, participant understands that he/she attending the programs and using and the facilities does so at his/her own risk. Goals FC and its owners, employees or agents, shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever arising from any personal injury or property loss sustained by participant with his/her family in or about any programs on the premises. Participants and parents assume full responsibility for all injuries and damages which occur in or about any programs on the premises, He/She does hereby fully and forever release discharged hold harmless , all associated facilities and its owner, employees, and agents from any and all claims, demands, damages or rights of action, present or future resulting from any person’s participation in any programs or use of the facility. In addition, he/she agree(s) to follow the rules of conduct and play set by Goals FC.

Consent: I the undersigned parent or guardian/participant do hereby grant authority to the staff at to render a judgement concerning medical assistance or hospital care in the event of an accident or illness during my absence. I do hereby authorize and its assigns to utilize any and all photographs, pictures or other likeness of me or anyone assigned guardianship to me, as they deem appropriate in its promotional materials or team films.