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School testimonials

20 July 2018

Our school has enjoyed a long and productive relationship with Mitchell and his team from Football Star Academy. Over the past year the academy has run classes for all our students to give them the opportunity to learn new soccer skills and develop a love of the game of football. We look forward to conintuing our partnership with them to promote healthy lifestyle choices and provide quality sport opportunities to our students and the Peregian Springs community. Dave Foxover, Deputy Principal, Peregian Springs State School

We have had the opportunity to participate in a Football Star soccer coaching program and our students became very engaged and inspired to participate in the sport and have continued to play at recess and lunch times. Teachers have reported students being more engaged in their classwork and have come to school with a very positive attitude on the days of their soccer coaching sessions. Mandy O’Mara, Mernda Central College

Football Star Academy run high quality clinics for students at Malvern Primary School to develop their skills in an enjoyable session. The clinics are immensely popular with our students and the main challenge has been to find enough space for them to run extra clinics to meet demand. The coaches are all friendly, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and professional. They work well with the school staff to understand the school’s need sand ensure that the program is successful with minimal interruption to regular school activities. The best thing about the program is to be able to watch the students have so much fun while they develop skills that will help them participate in football programs, or other sports with success in the futures. Football Star Academy have been a significant positive impact on our school. Nic Bugeja, Sports Teacher, Malvern Primary School

Shore Community Campus have been delighted to host a range of Sport Star Academy sporting programs over the last 5 years.  In particular, the soccer program has been outstanding, both in terms of course content and attendances. It’s not unusual to have 50 children attend each holiday period. Sonia Wagner, Community Manager, Brighton Grammar School

 Rugby Star Academy were absolutely fantastic. All students were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the program. Josh Hunt, PE Co-oordinator, My Eliza North PS

We have, and will continue to have Soccer Time Kids at our Centre for weekly incursions all year. What first started as a trial, instantly because a permanent booking due to the positive impact this program had on the kids and the group dynamics. Jerome, and the carefully thought out soccer time program, not only teach soccer skills but also teach dispositions for learning such as listening, following instructions, respecting each other, team play and much more! The children all adore coach Jerome as a positive, fun and caring role model. I can't rate Jerome or Soccer Time Kids more highly as we are so impressed! Nadia Wood, Director, Brighton Playroom Inc.