Building resilance in children

Building resilance in children

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Building resilance in children

17 March 2018

As parents, we hear the word “resilience” often. Resilience is mostly about setting your child up to be able to cope with life’s ups and downs. The reality is life can be challenging at times and life can get tough, so it’s important for children to be able to be able to bounce back from life’s challenges and move forward.

Key factors that build resilience in children include the individual child characteristics as well as the child’s environment such as their family and community.

 Some key strategies for parents to think about include:

  • Resilience requires strong, loving relationships, not independence
  • Increase their exposure to people how care about them
  • Let your child know it’s ok to ask for help
  • Exercise, play sport 
  • Nurture optimism
  • Model resilience
  • Encourage them to take safe, calculated risks
  • Don’t rush to the rescue!
  • Let them know they are loved unconditionally!

Beyond Blue have updated their on “Building resilience in Children”. This guide is suitable for children aged 0-12years and is such a fantastic resource of information to assist in working with your children and building their skills in resilience.