About Us

About Us

About John Steffensen's Athletic Star Academy

John Steffensen has joined forces with Sport Star Academy to develop a new Athletic program for young children, Athletic Star Academy. 

Former Olympian, Commonwealth Games Champion and recently Channel 7's SAS recruit, John has a lot of experience in Athletics and he is ready to pass it all on to the next generation of Athletic stars. 

How Athletic Star Academy is different to other Athletic programs:

✅ All year round Athletic training

✅ Build your child's confidence in physical literacy

✅ Qualified and Professional Coaches training your child

✅ Suitable for boys and girls from 5 years old

✅ Learn the proper technique to run, jump, sprint to avoid injury later 

Our Purpose 

Our purpose is to “Create a Movement of Change for Tomorrow’s Grassroots Leaders”.  We do this through the following three principles:

LEARN – children learn the skills of sport within a professional and safe environment through our various sport academies. Skills learned in sport are skills for life. These include team work, honesty, commitment and resilience.

LEAD – we lead the way through our community hero's, business partners, ambassadors and multi-award winning program and systems. 

GROW – through our programs, students grow and develop into good human beings!

Benefits of enhancing those Athletic skills

  • Build child's confidence including physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Improve coordination
  • Compliment sports they currently play 
  • Develop a love for movement!

We're not quire ready to launch our Athletic programs yet, however please join our waitlist by clicking the link below!

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